From Stuck and Cash Starved, to One of the
Top 50 Fastest Growing Businesses in the Country just over a year!
  • From stuck and cash starved, to one of the top 50 fastest growing businesses in the country (ranked #42 in BRW Magazine's Fast Starters)
  • $306,000 extra profit from just ONE of the strategies we used
  • From underperforming & difficult staff to hiring self reliant high achievers, who are skilled & "care"
  • Documented and growing systems manual that runs key elements of the business
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    Who is George Zenon?
    George Zenon is a multiple award winning Business Coach, Presenter and  Best Selling Author. 
    Over the last 13 years, he has directly helped more than 300 business owners across 34 industries add an estimated $100+ Million in new revenue, as well as improve all areas of business performance.
    George has owned multiple businesses of his own - utilising the same strategies and frameworks he does with clients. These include several current and successful ventures in retail, training, professional services, sales and marketing and hospitality.
    His recently published book “Bold Brave Business - Strategies to Amplify Your Profit, Scale and Growth” became a bestseller within 7 days of launching in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany.
    George also strongly believes in creating opportunity for others who are less fortunate. In early 2016 he helped launch 'KIK Innovation', a social venture that arms “at risk and disadvantaged youth” with the relevant training, education and ongoing support to start and run a successful business.
    The venture has attracted a multitude of National partners and secured government accreditation as well as funding. It has gone on to spawn multiple businesses and changed the lives of numerous young people.
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